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the symbol of social democrats

A Social Democrat is someone who adovocates a middle ground between Capitalism and Communism which they call and is called Democratic socialism which is a very bad ideology. Social Democrats are leftists who advocate a mixed economy which does not work because everytime the government gets involoved in the economy or regulates it destroys productivity and economic freedom/progress which is why the government should stay out of the economy 100% of the time and never regulate anything. Social Democracy is the same thing as Democratic socialism a form of Socialism which is the governing ideology in many european countries such as Greece. This form of Socialism has failed as shown by the economic collapse in Greece. Instead of urging the Greeks to adopt Capitalism by far the greatest economic system ever Obama like the idiot he is bailed them out. Social democrats are common in europe as the main opposition to Conservative and Christian Democrat parties. Social democrats are similiar to American Liberals in that they both are anti-private property and anti-free market. Many get the terms Democratic socialism and Social democracy mixed up however the terms mean the same exact thing and the ideologies are the same and there will not be a seperate page for Democratic socialism do to it being the same thing as Social democracy.