Reform Party of the United States of America
Founded 1995
Ideology Centrism, Economic Nationalism, Protectionism
Political Position

Economic: Economic Nationalism

Social: Centrism

The Reform party is a very minor political party in the United States. The party was formed as a vehicle for Ross Perot to run on in 1996 when it recevied 8.40% of the vote capturing 8,085,402 votes. [1] The Party received a boost when it elected Jesse Ventura to governor of Minnesota. However this fortune soon changed when in 2000 the party nominated Paleconservative Pat Buchanan losing its Centrist and Liberal wings. After this the party went into decline nominating Socialist Ralph Nader in 5 states after this the party hardly ran candidates and since today has become a microsopic political party. The parties positions were Centrist advocating Protectionism, Restricted Immigration laws, More Environmental Protection, and Economic Nationalism.