Prohibition Party
Founded 1869
Ideology Prohibitionism, Anti-Marijuana Legalization

The Prohibition Party -- founded in 1869 and billing themselves as Americas oldest third party. The party's strongest showing was in 1892, when former Congressman John Bidwell received nearly 273,000 votes (2.3% - 4th place). Long-time party activist Earl Dodge ran as the Prohibition Party's presidential nominee in 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, and 2004 (140 votes, an all-time low for the party) -- but died in 2007 during his seventh run for President. The anti-Dodge group wrested control of the party organization by 2003. Control of the party ended up in court, but Dodge died before the court ruled. The 2004 rival ticket led by temperance lecturer, minister and artist Gene Amundson -- supported by the anti-Dodge party leadership -- appeared on the Colorado ballot under another party name. With Dodge dead, Amundson became the party's undisputed nominee for 2008 (ballot status in 3 states - 18th place - 658 votes) and united the bickering factions. Retired Baptist pastor Jack Fellure -- a frequent GOP candidate for various offices in West Virginia -- is the party's 2012 Presidential nominee. The party also fields a one ot two local candidates from time to time.