Liberals and Kim Jong Un agree on many things

The political positions of the ruthless totalitarian tyrants Kim Jong Il and of Kim Jong Un are posted here. Both advocate the same political positions and ideologies which are that of totalitarian opression. 

Kim Jong Il and Uns policies are similiar to that of American Liberals on many policy issues and of Barack Obama.


  • Kim Jong Un and Kim Jong Il strongly support Abortion and Abortion is legal and 100% free in North Korea and North Korea has some of the most extreme Pro-abortion policies in the world. In fact in many cases in North Korea the government performs FORCED abortions. Sounds similiar to Obama and the Democrats who have extreme pro-Abortion policies themselfs. 
  • In North Korea all guns are banded and no one can own a gun similiar to all Communist dictatorships guns are banded. [1] This shows use why all Gun control is evil and gun rights must be protected.
  • Religion is banded and the state is Atheist Fundementalist banning all religion like all Communist states. [2]
  • All property is controlled by the state and education, healthcare, natural resources are owned by the state. Sounds similiar to Obamas idiotic and terrible plan Obamacare
  • Marijuana is legal in North Korea [3]
  • Private property is banded.
  • King Jong Un and Kim Jong Il strongly support Capital Punishment and kill innocent people regulary.
  • North Korea has extreme Isolationist policies.
  • There is no Free Market in North Korea which is one of the reasons why the country is a peace of crap.