The leaders of Communism

Communism is a Far-left evil ideology based of the ideas of Karl Marx, Fredrick Engels, Vladimir Lenin, and usally Joseph Stalin which advocates a Radical extreme Socialist Marxist government and abolishing all private property, capitalism, and is very anti-democratic. Communists hate democracy and have abolished it everytime they get into power they are radical anti-democratic, anti-american, anti-capitalist murderers. Communism has caused millions of deaths in places such as Russia, China, Cambodia. Evil Communist leaders such as Joseph Stalin have abolished all Private property killed millions of Christians and advocated radical anti-religious Atheist fundimentalist policies and adovcated failed Socialist economics which ban all Private property and have a failed planned economy along with a massive social saftey net which dominates the countries policies. Communists advocate government intervention in all affairs and advocated terrible ideas such as Universal healthcare. Communism exists in 5 countries today Cuba, China, Vietnam, Laos, and North Korea. Only 2 of those countries adhere to Radical Socialist 100% Totalitarian policies which are Cuba and North Korea, Cuba is so terrible that many people will swim through shark infested waters to simply get of the island and North Korea is a evil cultist shithole which kills its citizens for no reason and is pure evil. China and Vietnam have adopted more Social democratic like Mixed economys adopting Capitalism and Socialism in there economic policies.